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New York spends an enormous amount of money on students with disappointing results, the money is going to the bureaucracy not the schools. Our education system is not serving the needs of students and their families, New York needs to focus on preparing students for life after high school. 

Too many students graduate without basic reading comprehension and math skills. 

Our kids should not be forced to wear masks inside of schools, especially kids in elementary schools. Schools should be places of learning not centers of indoctrination.

“Politicians are busy making excuses while our crime rate Is being ignored. It is time to make problem solving a priority and working together to solve the unprecedented crisis we are facing”.
Samantha Zherka

Candidate for New York State Senate

Critical race theory has no place in our schools, neither does pornography in the guise of “sex education” to kids as young as five.

  • On day one I will introduce a parent’s bill of rights. Parents will never lose their voice or be treated like a terrorist by school boards or government again. 
  • I will introduce legislation that will make it a crime of pornography and no schoolteacher will be able to teach sex education before an appropriate age. 
  • There will be NO Critical Race Theory in our NYS schools. Truth in learning is the only way. 

We need to get back to the basics and prepare our students for the job market and College. We also need to focus more on vocational training and trade schools giving students more options besides a four-year degree program. We also need to make sure that our “special needs” students receive the resources they need. 

  • I will sponsor legislation for expansion of TRADE SCHOOLS. All Public high Schools Must have Trade and Vocational Studies, guidance counselors to help guide students into a trade they desire and aspire for. No Child should be left behind. We are all gifted and it is high time we bring out those gifts. 

Samantha Zherka For NYS Senate

Samantha Zherka is fighting for us and standing up for all New York families.

You need a representative that will support your ideas, fight for the needs of your community and earn your respect. For someone who truly cares for your community, look no further.