PO Box 45, Shirley NY 11967

Samantha Zherka

For NYS Senate 34th District

You need a NYS Senator that will fight for safety, repeal bail reform, parental rights in our schools, child safety laws, No mandates and more police funding and a whole lot more for our community and all people.


is Heading to Albany!

I am going to win this election and fight. But I can't do this without your support. That is why I’m asking for your help. Please make a donation to our Campaign right now!

"Let's take back NY together"

We’re the people who don’t support socialist communist agenda’s.

We are a free people who will Never give in to the lies and manipulation of this new progressive socialist party. They are not the Democrats of our fathers and mothers. They are thieves of freedoms and truth. Vote for safety, stability and prosperity and not more lies and manipulation. Read more

Choose God! Choose Truth!

-Samantha Zherka

Let’s take back New York together!

Safety, Stability & Prosperity for All!

PO Box 45 Shirley, NY 11967

Samantha Zherka Candidate for NYS Senate



I have been a part of the Bronx community for my entire life. I am still a Bronx girl.
A mother who will fight for all, as a mother will fight for her child.
I will be the voice for the voiceless and will work tirelessly to make our community a safe and better place to live again.



We are united by a common goal and that is to Take Back N.Y, protect our children’s future, our communities.

Let’s secure parental rights, repeal bail reform, protect victims & seniors and our God given right to be free from mandates.



They say we can’t win an election without Millions in Donor Money. I say, yes we can!

Together we can show the establishment that we are saying Safety, Stability & Prosperity for all is paramount.

We can win this race with your help. Flyering, word of mouth and donations are ways you can get involved.

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Election Day

It's almost here!

The date is approaching fast, and we are making preprations to Win Back New York State!








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Heading to Albany

Mom Power

This Mom will be the voice for the voiceless a fighter as a mother would fight for her child!