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About Samantha

Samantha Zherka

Candidate for New York State Senate

Samantha Zherka was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. She is a public advocate and public adjuster fighting for the rights of families ravaged by natural disasters. Samantha is the daughter of hard-working Albanian Muslim immigrants who came to America with only their determination to succeed and a strong work ethic. Samantha’s father was brutally tortured by the communist regime in Albania and all of his property was seized by the government. She understands the evils of communism and the false hope of socialism. Samantha’s parents worked hard to provide a good future for her and her siblings and taught her the value of honesty and hard work.

Samantha owns and manages several successful independent businesses that she startedfrom scratch. While presiding over a thriving insurance and construction business, Samantha will always remember the trials and tribulations she faced becoming a successful entrepreneur in New York City. When Samantha became pregnant with her first child, she had to rely on public assistance in order to take care of her baby. She understands that we must provide and protect people who are most vulnerable, but knows very well that receiving welfare should be an emergency remedy not a way of life. We need to get people off of welfare and into prosperity.

Samantha graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Legal Studies from MercyCollege and went on to Touro Law School. Samantha left law school after the first year when she tragically lost her beloved son, Nicholas Nespolini, just months shy of his 17 th Birthday. While
no Parent should ever have to bury their child, Nicholas’ passion and spirit lives on. Samantha dealt with the tragedy and adversity by focusing on helping other families overcome their own crises. She is very active in volunteer organizations and philanthropic activities.

Samanta never expected to run for Public Office until she saw the rapid decay of our communities and so many of her friends, family members, neighbors, and colleagues, literally fleeing New York because of the terrible economy and horrific violence. Like most of us, Samantha has had enough and is ready to fight to earn your vote. Democrat, Republican, Independent or any political affiliation or point of view you may support doesn’t matter. We need to come together to fight for our state so that we can once again lead the nation in job
growth and wages, so that we can once again have safe neighborhoods, where New Yorkers not only want to stay here but where it’s the best place to raise a family, form a business or just start over again. We can and we will do this. Samantha is fighting for a better future for all of us!

Heading to Albany

Mom Power

This Mom will be the voice for the voiceless a fighter as a mother would fight for her child!